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We handle every job with the precision of a Ninja and are in and out with great speed. Our team always does the right thing and never brings dishonor to our job sites. We always look out for what’s best for our clients. Roofing is our calling. We are dedicated to our core values and getting the job done with precision while keeping an eye out for fine details. Our goal is always to get the job done right and promptly on time. Ninja Roofs takes roofing to another level regarding customer service and quality. We always look out for your best interest in every project we take on. Our team is calm, cool, and collected with every project. We take on your project with grace and perfection.

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The experts at Ninja Roofs in Boulder, CO have the experience to handle any new project that comes their way. We’ve seen it all when it comes to roof replacement and repair, which helps them with your project on handling unique tasks regular roofing companies cannot do.


Morrison Roofing & Construction Services


Roof Repair

If you have a roof leak or any of the following roof issues listed below, we advise you to contact our reputable roof repair experts immediately. Here are some of the most common concerns with roofs you should look out for:

Damaged Shingles
Besides giving your roof a nice aesthetic, shingles are also used to defend your roof from moisture. Once they become damaged, you will experience leaks and other roof issues. 

Ruined Soffits 
Soffits are good sites for tiny creatures—including squirrels and birds—to hide and seek refuge. Even so, squirrels may try to claw or break their way through the vents. Thus, you should book for regular roof inspections to keep watch on them. 

Excessive Moisture 
Mold and mildew could start to form on your roof if too much moisture infiltrates it. They might even start to smell awful if not dealt with ASAP. 

Issues with The Flashing
It’s important that your flashing, which is often made of thick rubber or metals, be properly installed because it serves as your roof’s first line of protection. Once it starts having issues, let us know immediately to get it fixed. 

Accumulation in The Gutters
Mold or mildew may develop in your gutters if you let too many leaves or debris accumulate. Because of that, our expert roofers normally recommend you have the gutter buildup removed and cleaned twice a year.

Roof Replacement

You may not realize that there are many advantages to repairing or replacing your roof. The roof’s impact on your home is often overlooked. These are some of the many benefits that you may expect from a new roof on your home.

  • Safety and Durability: Are safety concerns important to you? Inclement weather can make it difficult to protect the home without a strong roof. A weak roof could lead to damage or injury in case of natural disasters.
  • Style & Appearance: You don’t have to be embarrassed about how your home looks! A worn-out roof can make your home look dull and unattractive. However, you can easily upgrade the roof to give it a new lease on life. You will be amazed at how much your home’s curb appeal can be improved by re-roofing.
  • Appraisal value: If your goal is to sell your home soon, you will need to think about how the quality of the appraisal will affect it. A new roof could be a great way of increasing the home’s value and thereby increasing its price.
  • Cost Savings: Although it may not seem like you’ll save money by replacing your roof, there are several ways that re roofing can help to reduce your expenses in the future. First, a new roof is more energy-efficient than an old roof. This helps to lower your monthly utility bills. A new roof will help you avoid the potential damage and problems that could occur due to inclement weather. A damaged roof can lead to damage in other parts of your home.

Roof Inspections

You should have your roof inspected by a professional, like our licensed roofers, as soon as possible— whether you’re convinced there is an issue with your roof or you suspect that there could be one.

Such a problem can usually be manageable after a timely roof repair. Depending on how old your roof system is, and the damage is done, it would be advisable to replace it completely in some cases.

Thus, ensure that our expert roofers examine your roof from top to bottom, including the structure.

Your main priority should be having your roof inspected and fixed immediately. If you put off taking care of it because it looks like a small problem, it’ll probably turn into something worse or even cause new problems.

Storm Damage

Ninja Roofs are calm and ready for storm damage and roof repair. Our team has been training for moments like this. Suppose your property has experienced any damage or aging. We are here to help. The weather in Colorado can get extreme. That’s where Ninja Roofs comes in silently to fix the problems swiftly.

Common Causes of Storm Damage:

  •  Ice Build-Up
  •  Hail Damage
  •  Fallen Tree Damage
  •  Heavy Rain
  •  High Winds

Commercial Roofing

When you choose Ninja Roofs for your commercial roofing needs, rest assured that we’ll do it right. We have partnered with the best in the industry with the knowledge.

Commercial Roof Expertise:

  • EPDM, MBR, TPO, PVC, BUR low-slope, and flat roofing systems
  • Waterproofing around roof penetrations
  • Knowledge working with parapet walls
  • Commercial project management


Gutters are essential for any house or building because they prevent water damage from heavy rains and other elements like hail or snow. Ninja Gutter Systems will help you keep your home safe while improving its value. It’s vital to have professional gutter services installed in your home because you may experience mold growth without them, which can cause serious health issues for anyone living there.


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Materials Onsite Without Delay

Ninja Roofs is the perfect solution for those who need roofing supplies when there are shortages. Our talented team and state-of-the-art technology will get your materials delivered on time and quickly to complete the job at hand.

Your Needs Are Our Priority

You can depend on us for all your roofing needs to be there. We are fast and professional with a reputation for excellent customer service that will meet your every need from start to finish.

Quick & Easy Inspections

Prolonging the life of your roof may be an essential factor in determining its value. Preventative maintenance will help ensure that you get more use out of it and if anything goes wrong with any part.

Your Morrison Roofing Contractor

Morrison, CO is a small, unincorporated town nestled along the banks of the South Platte River in Jefferson County. Located just 15 miles west of Denver, most visitors enjoy exploring the town’s vibrant history and rural feel. In fact, many who visit are surprised to learn that this peaceful hamlet was once a bustling mining center during the late 1800s. Although today Morrison is much more calm than its past version, its preserved architecture still reflects the vibrancy and spirit of the area’s mining days. For those looking to find some outdoor recreation in addition to historical exploration, there are plenty of hiking trails nearby in Waterton Canyon and open spaces offering stunning views of Hogback Ridge and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Given its beautiful scenery, amazing history and proximity to Denver, it’s no wonder so many individuals choose to visit Morrison year after year!


Morrison, CO is a town located in Jefferson County in the Front Range region of Colorado. It has a total population of around 502 according to the 2017 estimates from the United States Census Bureau, most commonly within a 4.703 mile radius. Additionally, the racial makeup for Morrison was 95% White, 1.2% Hispanic or Latino, 1% African American and 0.8% Asian. A vast majority of Morrison’s residents at 86.6% are aged 18 years or older while households with children represent only 21%. In terms of employment, 22% of adults 25 years or above had bachelor’s degrees or higher in comparison to 34% nationwide and median household income stood at $90k as per 2017 estimates. Furthermore, housing units here are mostly detached homes at 90.5%.


The stunning scenery and small-town feel of Morrison, Colorado make this area a popular destination for locals and travelers alike. It is also an outstanding place to get an education. Morrison offers an array of educational opportunities from traditional schools such as Red Rocks Community College to specialized schools like Rock Paint Academy. There are many excellent primary and secondary schools as well, including Faith Christian Academy of Evergreen and Indian Tree Elementary School. With highly qualified teachers, incredible support staffs, and plenty of extracurricular activities, the public and private school options in Morrison are among the best in the state.


Nestled in White Pines just outside the city of Denver sits Morrison, CO. This small mountain town has become a popular tourist destination over the years due to its rich history and plethora of attractions. Visitors looking for outdoor activities will find plenty to do as there is fishing, hiking, cycling, and even rock climbing nearby. History buffs can explore historic sites such as Dinasaur Ridge or take a tour at the nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater. Other popular attractions in Morrison include the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the Wolfington Trails, and more. With so much to offer all types of travelers, Morrison is sure to provide an unforgettable experience no matter what brings you to this charming mountain town.

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