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Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes, Centennial, Colorado stands out among its neighbors due to its unique combination of outdoor activities and cultural amenities. Located near the foothills of the Rockies, Palos Verdes is a perfect spot for taking advantage of the picturesque mountain views and also provides numerous opportunities for fun activities such as hiking and biking. In addition, plenty of local eateries are available to explore, like McCormick’s Fish House & Bar which offers up delicious seafood dishes. With so much going on, Palos Verdes truly is a great home base for anyone who wants to see the beauty Colorado has to offer.


Palos Verdes is a charming and quickly growing community located in the vast Denver metropolitan area. It has a total population of about 33,000 people and one of the most diverse populations in Colorado. The median age here is 39, with 37% of all residents under 18 years old. In addition, 45% of all households contain married couples living together versus 34% that are single individuals living alone. Over 82% of the population identify as white, 6% as Asian, 6% as Hispanic or Latino, 4% as two or more races, 1% as African American, and less than 1% as Native American or Pacific Islander. Palos Verdes also consists of 28 percent college graduates with 13 percent having a higher degree along with an average household income just over $91,000; both indicators above previous Colorado averages. All these factors combine to make Palos Verdes an attractive and desirable living destination for people from all walks of life.


According to recent statistics, education in Palos Verdes is highly regarded. The area is home to numerous top-tier schools and universities that provide students with a wealth of learning opportunities and resources. As the town is home to leading corporations like Lockheed Martin, there are a number of educational options for interested students to pursue STEM fields. With access to cutting-edge technology and instructors dedicated to excellence, students can reach their full potential as they further their education. From strong K-12 systems, community colleges, and world-class universities, those from Palos Verdes have an array of educational choices in order to continue learning and growing.


Palos Verdes is a beautiful and exciting place to experience. It has some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes around, perfect for sightseeing or hiking trips. The charming small-town atmosphere and local businesses create an inviting feel that will make visitors feel right at home. With plenty of activities to enjoy such as historical architecture tours, shopping outlets, wineries, and diverse eateries, Palos Verdes is sure to have something for everyone. The city hosts many top-notch events throughout the year too, like fairs or festivals celebrating culture or seasonal holidays. Whether you’re looking for a fun staycation or an incredible vacation getaway, Palos Verdes is sure to provide it all!


Overall Palos Verdes is a picturesque and vibrant piece of the community. From its countless recreational activities to its abundant wildlife, Palos Verdes provides something for everyone. Whether residents take advantage of the stunning outdoor scenery or enjoy one of the many community events offered year-round, there is something for each and every resident tapped into this dynamic area. Experiencing all that Palos Verdes has to offer is a guarantee to help foster an enthusiastic appreciation for what Centennial has to give, making it an irreplaceable part of living in the Palos Verdes community.


Additionally, if you are looking to make a fresh start in Central Colorado, look no further than Homestead. Situated less than 25 miles south of Denver, the affluent area combines small-town vibes with big-city culture. You will be immersed in the gorgeous backdrop of the Rocky Mountains while getting access to shopping centers and modern amenities. If you decide to settle down at Homestead; you will not regret it – peace, affordability and community pride make this neighborhood one of Colorado’s hidden gems.

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