Salisbury Heights

Salisbury Heights is a neighborhood near Parker, Colorado that offers residents a unique blend of suburban and rural living. The neighborhood is situated on the edge of town, providing residents with quick and easy access to all the shopping and amenities that Parker has to offer. At the same time, the area is surrounded by open space and beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains. Salisbury Heights is also home to a number of parks and trails, making it a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, the neighborhood has its own community center, which provides residents with a place to gather for events and activities.


According to the most recent census data, the population of Salisbury Heights is approximately evenly split between homeowners and renters. The median age of residents is 33 years old, and the median household income is $52,000. The majority of residents are Caucasian, but there is also a significant Hispanic population. Approximately one-third of households have children under the age of 18. 

Salisbury Heights is an active community with plenty of amenities for residents to enjoy. There are several parks in the neighborhood, as well as a community center and an outdoor pool. Plus, Salisbury Heights is just a short drive from all the shopping and dining options that Parker has to offer.


Salisbury Heights is known for its excellent schools. The district has four elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school, all of which are highly rated. In addition, the district offers a variety of programs and services to help students succeed. For example, the district offers a free breakfast and lunch program for all students, as well as after-school tutoring and enrichment programs. The district also has a strong commitment to diversity, with bilingual education programs and support for English Language Learners. As a result of these efforts, Salisbury Heights is an excellent place to receive a quality education.


Salisbury Heights is home to a diverse array of businesses, including art galleries, restaurants, and shops. The neighborhood also features a wide variety of architectural styles, from Victorian mansions to Mid-Century Modern homes. In recent years, Salisbury Heights has become a popular destination for tourists. Visitors come from all over the world to experience the neighborhood’s uniqueness, whether they’re shopping for one-of-a-kind gifts, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, or simply taking in the sights. With its rich history and lively atmosphere, Salisbury Heights is sure to delight any visitor.

Salisbury Heights is a great neighborhood for families. The homes are well-maintained and the streets are safe and clean. The schools in the area are excellent, and there are plenty of parks and recreation facilities nearby. In addition, Salisbury Heights is conveniently located just a short drive from downtown Denver. As a result, residents can enjoy all that the city has to offer without having to deal with the traffic and congestion. Overall, Salisbury Heights is an ideal place to call home.

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