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Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Class IV Shingles

Impact Resistant (IR) shingles are gaining popularity as severe weather events become more frequent and erratic around the world.

The most important thing to keep in mind regarding IR shingles is that they aren’t Impact Proof (IP). Even after rigorous testing, these shingles can fail due to extensive hail damage.

When shopping for IR shingles, consider your entire situation, such as where you reside or the average severe weather conditions that recently happened through the years. Let’s dive deeper into whether Class IV Shingles are best for you.

IR shingles are more expensive than regular shingles because they are top-quality roofing materials. Even so, you will get your investment back, particularly if you live in an area prone to hail storms and wind.


Some of the major benefits of using Class IV impact-resistant shingles are:

  • Less frequent roof renovations, or no repairs at all – Realizing that your roof is properly protected allows you to almost guarantee that the shingles will resist damage. The less frequent the roof repairs, the less damage it will get.
  • Increased roof lifespan – Once you install shingles, they will be your roof’s only defense against weather conditions and hail storms. The more robust they are, the more likely they are to survive year after year.
  • Save money on premiums and Insurance- Insurance companies typically offer discounts to property owners who install Class IV impact-resistant shingles. These insurance companies provide up to a 25% discount on premiums. In addition, an insurance provider in your area may endorse and offer a premium discount for a specific brand of Class IV Shingles. Contact your insurance company to figure out whether this is the case in your area.
  • During renewals, there will be no increases in insurance premiums or deductibles – Since installing Class IV shingles costs more money than usual, some insurance companies may be more generous with their premiums and deductibles. As a result, you can keep your fixed rates without fear of future rate increases. However, it’s best to contact your insurer to make sure. 


  • Do not install Class IV impact-resistant shingles when the weather is hot because the SBS heats up and the granules wear off when you walk on them.
  • You can damage them if you wear inappropriate shoes. So, you must wear specific types of soft shoes when walking on them to avoid damaging them.
  • If they get hit with hail but not a ton of hail, they will sometimes get damaged enough to cause issues with your home inspection when you go to sell your home but not get damaged enough for your insurance carrier to offer a full replacement.
  • Even though these Class IV impact-resistant shingles are the most dominant on the current market, they are not hail-proof. On rare occasions, they can endure enough hail damage to jeopardize the shingle’s integrity. This is why there is no manufacturer warranty for hail damage on IR shingles.
  • In certain regions, roofs may only sustain severe hail damage once every seven to twelve years. If a homeowner’s current roof is showing signs of wear, they may need to invest in a brand-new roof anyway.

Choose Ninja Roofs Now!

Remodeling or replacing a roof is a significant financial investment. So, you should purchase the highest-quality shingles accessible to reduce the risk of additional costs later on. This is where an IR roof system from Ninja Roofs comes in.

It is the most dependable anti-hailstorm solution available on the market. Even though this roof will cost more than shingles with a Class 3 or lower rating, it will offer much better protection and save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you choose Ninja Roofs as your preferred manufacturer and shingles, we can guarantee you that your property will be much safer after installation since we offer the best roofing products and skilled roof service providers in town.

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