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Importance of Getting Roof Inspections Regularly

commercial-roofingIt is difficult to assess the actual condition of a roof based on its appearance. Roof repairs, as well as full roof replacement, can cost the homeowner a significant amount of money. Fortunately, roof checkups can help you save money on future roof repairs.

Potential homebuyers should plan a building inspection that covers a roof inspection before actually buying a property so that they can consider the cost of necessary repairs. Also, existing property owners should schedule regular roof inspections to keep their roofs in good shape.

Common Roof Issues

Not only can roof inspections detect common roofing issues, but they can also facilitate homeowners in prioritizing projects for home improvement. Some of the most prevalent roof issues are:

  • Missing shingles
  • Moss or plant growth
  • A roof leak or crack
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Granules of shingles in gutters
  • Drooping or sagging roof

When Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

If you think that damage has taken place on your roof as a result of strong winds or a storm, you should book an inspection from a reputable roofing service provider like Ninja Roofs. If you are unsure whether there is current damage, search for missing or broken shingles, bulky debris from the ground, or divots in the roof. A thorough inspection should be performed by a roofing professional.

Aside from probable storm damage, you must also set up regular roof inspections.

Why Are Roof Inspections Necessary?

Regular roof inspections are essential to understand its condition and manage proper maintenance, which will extend its life. Here are the top reasons to have your roof inspected:

Repairs Under Warranty

Your roof may leak for several reasons, and only just some of them may be covered by a roof warranty. Make sure to hire a professional to inspect your roof and assess if you need to submit a warranty claim. If a roof warranty claim is filed, the manufacturer or contractor will come to the site to determine whether the repair or leak is covered by the warranty. The owner should keep the warranty documents on hand, file the claim on time, and retain possession.

Aging and Weathering

Natural aging and weathering occur on all roofs, and the results are generally apparent in the form of small gaps on the roof surface that allow water infiltration. Regular roof checks can assist homeowners in planning maintenance on these imperfections to avoid further damage.

Damage from Regular Maintenance

Roof damage can occur as a result of technicians performing routine maintenance on air conditioning units and other home systems. A roof inspection will help reveal issues and recommend repairs such as sealing mechanical access roof panels or tidying up debris on your roof.

Storm-Related Damage

Roof damage can be caused by hails, strong winds, storms, and other weather patterns. If this happens, it can cause water penetration and it may require you to get roof repairs. You must organize a roof inspection shortly following such weather extremes to help detect potential leaks and prevent further damage.

Evaluation of Leaks

Most roof inspections are prompted by leaks caused by heavy rains. A leak in the roof, on the other hand, could be a sign of a more serious roof problem, like wet insulation, mold, rotting wood, or corrosion that has been emerging for some time. To prevent further unknown deterioration, hire experienced roof inspectors from Ninja Roofing and allow them to conduct a full leak investigation.

Preventing Destruction Before It Happens

A leaky roof is not the only sign of a faulty roof. Besides the leaky roof, there may be additional structural damage. Regular roof inspections are important for your home because they can help identify issues early and prevent further damage.

Roof inspectors can detect flaws in the roof layout and recommend repairs before they end up causing moisture damage to your home. Regular roof inspections will also reveal what minor repairs are required to ensure your roof can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Proper Drainage

Few features are more important to roof performance than drainage. A flooded roof increases the likelihood of moisture and leak penetration. Consistent roof cleaning can play an important role in removing objects, such as debris, trash, and leaves that congest roof drains, and ensure proper drainage. Out of sight often means out of mind when it comes to your roof, which can have serious long-term consequences. Regular roof inspections should be prioritized to avoid costly future costs. Furthermore, after a professional roof inspection, you will know what is wrong with your roof and what type of repair project is required.

Do You Need a Professional Roof Inspection?

If you are familiar with the above-mentioned common sign of roof problems, you can usually make do with your spot check. However, many owners still prefer to have a professional inspection once or twice a year. Roofing experts can spot small details that cannot be seen by the naked eye and may uncover issues you were unaware of. 

Reach Out to the Ninja Roofing Experts

Here at Ninja Roofs, we understand that proper drainage and regular checkup is critical for maintaining your roof in excellent condition regardless of the season. Contact us today to find out more about our roofing services!

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